Serving Eastern, NC and located right where Greenville, NC meets Winterville, NC, Nikki Midgette Photography aims to provide fun photoshoots with gorgeous results based on your individual desires.

A little about me:

For the longest time I have had a love for art and in particular photography. I remember my first camera was a little Canon point and shoot that I received as a birthday gift when I was about 13 years old. I didn’t take many pictures with it because the cost of the film and development was more than a kid could afford! However, I loved looking through the viewfinder because it was like peering into a different world. Fast forward a few (quite a few) years and I found myself in a job that gave me the opportunity to rediscover my love of photography. Commercially trained and with the help and encouragement of loved ones, I aim to share my love of this art form with the world.

My Mission:

My personal mission is to create photos that tells a story that will be remembered and cherished forever.